• Providing service in Gumbet just beside the centre of Bodrum, Bodrum Beach Resort is ideal for those who are planning to have a comfortable and affordable holiday at an advantageous location. 

    Providing service since 2011, Bodrum Beach Resort is a property established on an area of 10000 m2 in Gumbet. Located 1 km to Bodrum city centre and 35 km to Bodrum Airport, the property is situated on an area where you will both enjoy nature and city centre.

    Offering the opportunity to enjoy the stunning view of Gumbet during your stay, Bodrum Beach Resort awaits you with many details that will spice up your holiday. At the property, which provides service with Bed & Breakfast concept, you can start the day with a rich breakfast and spice up your days with delicately prepared appetizers and snacks in the patisserie and snack restaurant. 

    Located 100 m to the public beach where you will enjoy the unique sea of Bodrum, the property features pool and aquapark that will be the entertainment spots during the day. If you want to spend the other hours of the day by exploring the beauties of Bodrum, you can access the centre with public transportation options and taxis that provide service 24 hours a day. The property also features parking lot.

    During your holiday at Bodrum Beach Resort, you can visit Bodrum Harbour, Bodrum Castle, marina and many venues, and benefit from entertainment and shopping facilities in the city centre.

    Bodrum Beach Resort awaits you for an unforgettable holiday with your family and loved ones in Gumbet Bay of Bodrum, the gift of the nature.

  • Your health is important to us…

    · The temperature of all personnel will be taken during the entrances and exits to/from the property and general health status of all personnel will be checked and recorded with the help of the health unit at the property.
    · Besides providing trainings on hygiene rules and COVID-19 to all of the employees, inspections are carried out with the internal audit teams and all details are recorded.
    · The number of disinfectant units has been increased both in the workplaces and in the personnel usage areas, by providing the necessary instructions for the employees to disinfect their hands more frequently.
    · Dwelling houses and common usage ages of the employees (dining hall, rest area, laundry etc.) are disinfected periodically.
    · During the check-in procedures, all guests will be informed on COVID-19 practices as required.
    · Check-in procedures will be carried out according to the social distance rules and detailed travel histories of the guests will be recorded.
    · Necessary arrangements will be made in general spaces and restaurant in accordance with the social distance rules.
    · Every product is stored in the isolated areas after they are disinfected with special equipment. Besides, necessary disinfection treatment will be applied before serving.
    · Kitchen and restaurant staff will provide service with hygienic gloves and masks and thus health instructions will be followed strictly.
    · In order to minimize the contact of the guests with the products on open buffet stations, tongs, ladles and similar tools will be used only by the kitchen staff with gloves and masks.
    · New arrangements have been made and the number of personnel is increased to minimize the waiting period of the guests at the open buffet and prevent the gathering.
    · In order to minimize the contact of guests with products during open buffer service, cold appetizers, desserts, salads and fruits will be served in portions with customized presentation materials.
    · In case requested by the guests, beverages will be served with single-use cups. Besides, masks and gloves will be delivered to the guests, if they wish.
    · Restaurants, lobby area and administration offices will be disinfected by the responsible teams according to their service hours.
    · Toilets in the common areas will be hourly disinfected with special disinfectants.
    · All sunbeds on the beach will be disinfected with suitable cleaning products on a daily basis.
    · The staff responsible for room cleaning are obliged to wear hygienic masks and gloves. Furthermore, different masks are used for each room and masks will also be changed after cleaning of the common areas.
    · All rooms will be ventilated under appropriate conditions and will be cleaned delicately with special solutions.